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The Fallacy of Productivity

It is, perhaps, ironic that I am beginning this treatise mostly as a response to my own need for a certain amount of productivity, even as I seek to shed light on how truly insignificant productivity for its own sake can be. For me, continuing to produce for this site is hopefully not an endContinue reading “The Fallacy of Productivity”


“It was a pleasure to burn.” Light. Heat. The power to consume all in its path. Transformative energy of the gods, pilfered by Rabbit, or perhaps Coyote or Opossum, for the benefit of humans. Source of eternal damnation for Prometheus, who only wished to foster civilization and arm humankind in its existential struggle. From theContinue reading “Fire”


More than two-thirds of the Earth is made up of water. As much as three-fifths of the adult human body is water. We are dependent upon rainfall for our agriculture and waterways for shipping and receiving goods. Water touches every aspect of our lives, because it is the very source of life itself. I grewContinue reading “Water”

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